Power of Intelligent New Technology

MEMS business

Materialize the smallest size of bump with various designs.

Point Engineering is able to manufacture small sized Micro bumps with Micro bump with various designs
based on differentiated AAO and MEMS technology.

Key Features
Item Spec Tolerance
Bump diameter 10 ~ 200 um ± 2um
Bump height 10 ~ 100 um ± 2um
Solder layer 2 ~ 5 um ± 1um
Bump Material Cu, Au and Ti etc -
Solder Material Sn, Ni, AuSn and AgSn -
Design flexibility

Point Engineering's AAO and MEMS technology provide wide range of options to customers.

Design flexibility
Reliability test
Reliability Tests Results
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL 3) +200 Hours
(30°C / 60RH%)
Temperature Cycle "B" +1000 Cycles
(-55°C / +125°C)
High Temperature Storage +1200 Hours
Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) +1200 Hours
(85°C / 85RH%)
Unbiased HAST +110 Hours
(130°C / 85TH%)