point engineering

Point Engineering R&D Center

The R&D Center was established as a corporate subsidiary in 2003. Based on the AAO (Aluminum Anodic Oxide) technology, we are committed to push the boundaries of technological innovation and secure next-generation technologies.

R&D center is in charge of a foundation technology of the products, and overall management of technology development. It is also responsible for developing new products, improve quality of existing products, and finding future businesses.

Setting the R&D directions is made through analysis of technology and market, and the core focus is technology development to improve product performance and create company's technological value. Currently, we are developing advanced technologies such as AAO mold, Micro LED transfer, micro bump, and micro inductor.


Technological competitiveness

The company develops technologies and products that can be commercialized in future, and conducts design research through mechanical and physical simulations as well as material, process development, and characteristic analysis.

Through this, we are committed to securing technological competitiveness by reinforcing technical weaknesses of the existing businesses, improving product performance, and exploring the feasibility of a new businesses


Creative Research Environment

We are improving and developing basic and original technologies and moving toward to creative research and highly innovative organizations. Based on AAO (Aluminum Anodic Oxide) technology, we are committed to continuous technological innovation and securing next-generation growth-based technologies.

We strengthened the creative capabilities of researchers and created a creative research environment by promoting flexible and horizontal organizational culture and creative and voluntary research projects.


Complete IP protection

We plan and carry out the development of external R&D, government projects and regional support development projects through consultation with external institutions by exploring technologies that can be commercialized in future.

Through this, development funds are supported and intellectual properties created from the projects are professionally protected and managed. R&D center also plans academic activities and technology promotions (exhibitions, etc.) through external R&D activities.

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