point engineering

Product Advantage



  • Single mold layer thickness +150um
  • Gap 4um

AAO: Aluminum Anodic Oxide

Small size pin (<1mm)
High C.C.C Design
Multi beam
High temp < 150°C


Difference between AAO mold & PR mold

  • Vertically wet-etchable material
  • Enable precise patterning with 1:40 aspect ratio (compared to conventional PR mold 1:3 ~ 1:4)
  • Simplify process via thick single mold layer (~150um)
  • Accurate dimension control (±1.5um)
Decrease the length
  • Minimize electrical signal distance
  • Minimize resistance
Increase the surface area
  • Make vertically thicker
  • Enable Multi beam with narrow pitch
Precise stacking layer
  • Differentiated plating technology
  • Layer component and ratio can be modified per customer's requirements
  • Achieve high plating U% (< 5%) from entire area

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