point engineering

MEMS Technology

MEMS foundry service

  • Photolithography : 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, front & back alignment available
  • Dry film laminator : Vacuum/Roll type
  • Metal or metal-oxide compound Deposition(Sputter) : Sputter Ti, Ta, Au, Ag, W, TiOx, TaOx
  • Dry Etching(ME-RIE) : Al, Pt, Ta, Metal-Oxide(TaOx, TiOx)
  • Electro/Electroless Plating
  • Dicing(Blade type)
  • Plating materials ex) Pd-Co, Ni-Co, Au, Cu, Rh
  • Fully automated plating equipment
  • Analysis : SEM/EDS, CD-SEM(8", in-line system)
    • Optical analysis(Micro scope, Infrared analysis)
    • Electrical measurements(Source meter, Power supply, Pulse generator, etc)

production system

Automated systems for excellent
quality control Time & cost efficient.

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